Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Quick thoughts on the Oscar nominations, surprises and snubs

What an exciting morning. "Call Me By Your Name" received 4 Oscar nominations, including one for Timothee Chalamet, who is now the youngest actor nominated for Best Actor in 75 years. He may not win, but he gives THE performance of the year.

On that note, Christopher Plummer, who is now the oldest nominee at 88, got in, taking Michael Stuhlbarg's slot. It's a bit heartbreaking. But, alas, Oscar nominations or the lack thereof do not take away a performance, a film, or what they mean for us.

"Phantom Thread" had a great showing. Best Picture, Best Director and Best Supporting Actress for Lesley Manville. All very deserved. I saw the film last night, and it will certainly be in my Top 10. After Chalamet, Manville gives the 2nd best performance of the year. Stunning!!

Two categories I predicted perfectly were Screenplay, which was exciting. I'm still going with "Get Out" and "Call Me By Your Name" for the wins here, but if that ends up happening, that probably means "Lady Bird" goes home empty handed. We shall see.

In Live Action short we have 3 films from schools!!! Which is exciting. To me, at least!

"In a Heartbeat," the delightful animated short didn't make the cut, which is too bad.

James Franco did not get in for Best Actor. Who knows if it was because of the late breaking scandal or whether or not the Academy simply liked the Denzel Washington performance better. For the first time ever we have 2 black nominees in the Best Actor race. That is amazing!

"Three Billboards" had a surprise showing in Original Score...so for a moment there I thought it was going to do even better than expected. But the Martin McDonagh the film's director didn't get in. And that's ok. Except now predicting Best Picture gets a little more confusing. Or does it? If I had to pick the winner today I would still go with "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri."

"I, Tonya" got a very deserved Editing nomination, although that meant "Get Out" didn't make the cut. Unfortunately Margot Robbie is not the first woman to receive a Producing nomination and an Acting nomination. 

But Mary J. Blige is the first to receive an Acting nomination as well as an Song nom. Even Streisand couldn't do that.

So, those are my thoughts.

I predicted 95 correct nominations. That's good for me. We'll see how well I do on March 4th.

Now, I make the list of films I have yet to see that were nominated and begin the process or watching all of the films. I still have films to watch for the Dorian Awards and Film Independent, so don't be surprised if it takes me a bit to get to Oscar. It will happen You know it will.

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