27 Days of Oscar, day 25: Oxford Film Fest finale, Deepwater Horizon, Documentary Feature

Day 25. Hard to believe. Also, it's the last day of the Oxford Film Festival. 

Today's duties include the special screening of "Woman on Fire," the jury winner for best LGBTQ film.  I'm so happy that the film was a success with the jury. It is a fantastic film. I hope that everyone who is able can come out today at 12:45PM CST at the Malco Commons to see the film. It will screen with the special citation award winner, "Chance." 

After that I hope to attend the LGBTQ filmmakers panel and then it will be time to call it a fest. 

That will leave me with 2 days to finish watching the rest of the Oscar nominated films (4 features and 5 shorts) and on Wednesday I will post my predictions. It is going to be an interesting year. Will "La La Land" sweep? Even winning awards unexpected such as Original Screenplay and Sound Editing? Last night it did win the Cinema Audio Society Award for Best Most Picture - Live Action. But that was for the sound mixers, an award it will surely win. I want "La La Land" to win Best Picture and Best Director, but that doesn't mean I want a sweep. And that doesn't mean I want the Academy to spread the wealth either. I want the best nominee in the category to win the prize. 

This morning I was able to watch "Deepwater Horizon." Nominated for both Visual Effects and Sound Editing. 

As a film, the only part I really enjoyed was the section before the Deepwater Horizon exploded. Knowing what is coming allows the film to have a sense of dream from the start. I was a little weary when Malkovich came on screen with as the BP villain with his generic Southern accent, but I held on. But once the action began I really lost interest. All character development went out the window. And that's fine, I guess. I hated the scene where Mark Wahlberg's Mike had to save Gina Rodriguez's Andrea. She cried, he was stoic. He saved her by throwing her into the water (spoiler alert!) and in the end when he finally succumbs to the emotion of the event, she says "thank you." Ugh. I'm guessing plenty of guys got their rocks off seeing this display of machismo but I found it to be eye roll worthy. 

In terms of its nominations. Well, it certainly is flashy in terms of its visual effects and had lots and lots of sounds. But I don't really see it as a contender for either award. That being said, I'm not quite ready to call those categories, because, as you see below, I have a couple more films to watch!

If you haven't had a chance to read my thoughts on Best Documentary Feature, head over to Awards Daily and check it out.

Documentary Feature, More Accessible and Necessary Than Ever

Here are the categories I have finished and still need to cover, followed by the ones I've already discussed.

Foreign Language Film

Supporting Actor
Supporting Actress
Original Screenplay
Adapted Screenplay

CinematographyProduction Design
Costume Design

Documentary Feature
Makeup and Hairstyling
Animated Feature
Documentary Shorts
Animated Shorts

Here are the categories I have yet to complete with the films I must watch in the next TWO DAYS!

Doctor Strange

“Can’t Stop the Feeling,” Trolls

13 Hours: Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

Best Live Action Short
Ennemis Interierus
La Femme et le TGV
Silent Nights
Time Code


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