Thursday, February 16, 2017

27 Days of Oscar, day 22: Makeup and Hairstyling

It's a busy, busy day here at Awards Wiz. I just wrapped up Best Makeup and Hairstyling with "Star Trek: Beyond," I'm headed out for a quick run (gotta keep the juices flowing!) and then back for some crash course revisiting of a few docs for a piece I'm working on for Awards Daily. I had hoped to get it to the powers that be by tomorrow, but now I'm hoping to simply have it published by Monday.

A little later in the day I expect my foreign film piece to be up at Awards Daily, so look out for that.

Speaking of Best Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling. Here are the nominees:

A Man Called Ove
Suicide Squad
Star Trek: Beyond

Yesterday I watched "Suicide Squad" and I have to say it is a complete structural mess. The fact that it made it to theaters in the shape it was in is completely baffling to me. Clearly something is amiss in the Warner Brothers DC film universe. There is a film there, but the plot is balanced so poorly.  At one point I wondered if something had gone amiss with my player when Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) seemed to have completely forgotten that his girlfriend had just been taken by the Enchantress, moments later, joking it up with the suicide squad. That is just one of many elements that make it clear that plot/character was not a top priority.

That being said Margot Robbie and to some extent Jared Leto make it out unscathed. Robbie gives a fantastic performance as Harley Quinn. And there is a small section near the end of the film where the squad, feeling all hope (or something along those lines) is gone, goes to a bar at which Diablo (Jay Hernandez) explains the extent of his villainy, cracking open the code of empathy that was missing from the entire film up until that point. Even Will Smith couldn't get me to care. But that scene is brief and the ensuing fight scene is yet another disaster of filmmkaing.

But we're talking makeup and hairstyling right? And it's fine. But the movie is just too bad to win, right?

I saw "A Man Called Ove" a while ago (again, my deeper thoughts on the film will be up at AD a bit later) and while setting up my interview the PR folks sent me some really incredible stills from their team.  I'll post those below.  I would love for the team of Eva Von Bahr and Love Larson who were also nominated last year, to win, but I think they will go with "Star Trek: Beyond."

"Star Trek: Beyond" is a really fun, exciting film, and certainly has more makeup and hair elements in terms of execution/design than "Ove." And the first film of the reboot won the category back in 2009.

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