27 Days of Oscar, day 17: crunch time; awardswiz.com

When I got home last night I really needed to watch a movie, but I simply couldn't bring myself to do it. This morning, the weight of the next 10 days really hit me. Not only do I have 15 shorts to watch, but 11 features. I also have two pieces to write for Awards Daily. The first being my annual foreign film piece, which includes going through my 4 recorded interviews/notes with the directors. Sadly Asghar Farhadi declined to speak to me.  The second being a documentary feature piece. And slap dab in the middle of these 10 days is the Oxford Film Festival. I programmed the LGBTQ films for the fest and plan to be at all of those screenings as well as the opening night film, the awards brunch, the goodbye dinner...but Oscar doesn't stop.

I heard Anne Thompson say she was bored on the Screen Talk podcast. Perhaps if I lived in LA and was able to watch everything already, I would be bored as well. It's crunch time at Awards Wiz. And I love it.

Awards Wiz. Speaking of...

Many of you know that I'm not only an Oscar prognosticator, but also an actor. I bring that up for a couple of reasons. First of all, I interviewed 4 feature film directors and 1 documentary feature director over the past week. I have to say that the conversations with the feature directors were an entirely different experience. Yesterday, speaking to Martin Zandvliet, director of "Land of Mine," we discussed everything from how he was able to get his young actors to achieve their fantastic performances to why most directors begin with wide shots and moving in to close up. My acting background really informed the questions, and I feel those directors appreciate it. Although I rarely bring it up with them, with Martin I did. When I interviewed Roger Ross Williams for "Life Animated" it was a different experience. Not necessarily bad, but different. I felt out of my element.

In addition to interviewing Martin yesterday, I also decided to order some business cards. I've struggled over the years compartmentalizing both my work here at Awards Wiz and my acting, feeling some strange need to do so, but getting ready to attend the film festival as Oscar comes to a close, I realized it is time to merge and simply be myself.

Long story short, I decided to put my website on my biz card, but putting briwiz.blogspot.com seemed ridiculous. So, after 9 years and $12 dollars I bought the awardswiz.com domain name. It feels good.

NOW...back to Oscar.

Let's look again at the categories I've completed. If I've covered it, it's in bold.

Supporting Actor
Supporting Actress
Original Screenplay
Adapted Screenplay

Foreign Language Film
Production Design
Costume Design

Because I need to get busy watching a movie, let's talk about one today. Editing.

Best Editing:
Hacksaw Ridge
La La Land
Hell or High Water
I find myself not wanting to predict "La La Land' for everything, but I simply feel that it deserves so much. Heck, I'm even going for Original Screenplay, something I doubt any of my colleagues are going for.

But again, for Editing, I'm going with "La La Land," if only for the last act of the film. If you have not seen "La La Land" yet, go! And if you have, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The film is spectacular, but from Mia's audition to the end of the film, Chazelle and team take things to another level. And editing plays a huge part in that.

It's also the showiest of the bunch. "Moonlight" is the biggest competition here. A win for anything else just doesn't make any sense to me.

SO, here is the list. Today I really need to watch 2 films, so I think I will go with "Fire at Sea" and "My Life as a Zucchini."

The List:

Fire at Sea
Star Trek Beyond
Suicide Squad
Kubo and the Two Strings
My Life as a Zucchini
The Red Turtle
Deepwater Horizon
Doctor Strange
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi
Live Action Shorts
Documentary Shorts
Animated Shorts


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