Oscar Nominations, quick thoughts and predictions results!

OK, here are some quick thoughts. 

First of all I did pretty well with my predictions. I got 100% on Picture, Actor, Supporting Actress, Original Screenplay, Cinematography, Editing.

Overall I got 83 out of 103 right. (Did not attempt the shorts.)

In order to watch all of the nominated films, I will need to see 24 features (not bad!), many of which have left theaters and not out on dvd (not good!). See below! 

I am also thrilled that "La La Land" tied the record with "Titanic" and "All About Eve" for the most nominations ever with 14. I love this film so very much and can't wait to watch it take home Best Picture.

Also we have 3 films nominated for Best Picture that center around African American stories. This is quite the departure from last year. Same with the acting categories. But let's not get all cocky and start #Oscarssoinclusive

My biggest joys
Seeing Isabelle Huppert get a nomination for Best Actress. I think most of us saw this coming near the end, but part of me was scared that she was going to be left off (more on that later).  And although Natalie Portman was considered a lock. I had the same fear I did with "Black Swan." I'm so passionate about the performance, I was scared. Oscar has certainly let me down in the past.

The snubs
Amy Adams (but so happy for Ruth Negga!)
"Finding Dory" was the "one" left out of Animation. 
"Cameraperson" was the "one" left out of Documentary feature.
"Manchester By the Sea" doesn't get an Editing nod. Makes sense in retrospect.

Kind of surprises
Mel Gibson is officially out of movie jail with Best Director
Michael Shannon gets in for "Nocturnal Animals" over his wining co-star Aaron Taylor-Johnson
"Passengers" and "Deepwater Horizon" had a presence, "Deadpool" was dead in the water (should have trusted my gut on that one.)

Bragging rights!
So glad that I got "20th Century Women," and in turn, Original Screenplay 100%. Really glad I drove to Memphis last night to see it.
"Silence" for Cinematography. I wasn't alone on predicting that. but still.
"A Man Called Ove" for Makeup. I saw that coming a mile away. Really surprised others didn't. That being said, I didn't see the other 2!

Brian's list to see:
The Salesman
A Man Called Ove
Land of Mine
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Star Trek Beyond
Suicide Squad
Kubo and the Two Strings
My Life as a Zucchini
The Red Turtle
Deepwater Horizon
Doctor Strange
The Jungle Book
Jim: James Foley Story
Fire at Sea
I Am Not Your Negro
Life Animated
13 Hours


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