Thursday, December 8, 2016

Top 10 woes, to publish or not to publish

When I moved to Mississippi I decided that I would save my Top 10 until right before the Oscars. Being here, it's a bit harder for me to see all of the films I might want to include, so I have waited to publish.  It has meant more to me to make a solid list than it has been to get it in before New Year's. This year,

This year, however, I think I can get it out there before year's end, but it means I have a busy 20+ days ahead. It helps that I've already seen some of the big players ("Moonlight," "OJ: Made in America," "Manchester By the Sea"), but tonight, for example, I'll have to go up to Memphis to see either "Loving" or "Nocturnal Animals' and then go back next week to see the other. Just in case it skips Oxford and I can't get anyone to send me a screener.  "La La Land" shouldn't be a problem, but I still have that pesky catch up list.

Let's take another look at it.  Let's assume I can see one film a day until the 30th. That gives me 22 slots.  Sadly, I may not get to see "Jackie," "20th Century Women," "Silence" or "Lion," because I honestly have no idea when they will come my way. Let's just hope for the best and keep them on the list.

Looking at the list, there are 16 films that I must see. (Although, like I said, might not happen!)  16.  Let's do a runner up list of 10, for wishful thinking. And then you'll see what I just can't do. If I've left something out, let me know. And say a little Oscar prayer that "Jackie" gets its ass to the South!

Must sees!
The Lobster
Toni Erdmann 
Hell or High Water 
Nocturnal Animals
Closet Monster
The Witch
American Honey
Rogue One
La La Land
20th Century Women

2nd tier (totally possible)
The Red Turtle
The Eagle Huntress
Maggie's Plan
Miss You Already
Hail Caeser
Knight of Cups
Other People

Not happening....
Land of Mine
Finding Dory 
X Men Apocalypse
Suicide Squad
Batman v/s Superman
The Meddler
Miles Ahead
The Hollars
Don't Think Twice
Captain Fantastic

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