Monday, December 12, 2016

Golden Globe musings, Critics Choice and Almodovar's "Julieta"

Where there is joy, there is disappointment. At least in the TV category. I'm so happy to see my favorite drama, "American Crime" get nominated.  But my favorite comedies, "Better Things" and "Love" are nowhere to be seen. Also, no "Gilmore Girls," which surprises me. Maybe I'm diluted, but I thought Kelly Bishop and Lauren Graham would finally get some love. Seeing Winona Ryder get in for anything makes me happy. Looking at this list, I'm also made award that I need to start watching "Veep" and finally catch up on "Game of Thrones." I haven' actually watched any of the season it's won for!

I love that the Globes have a musical/comedy category and that this year it certainly earns its existence. "Sing Street" is a delightful musical that deserves attention. And seeing "Deadpool" goes to show that having it on my end of the year must see list was smart. The two categories also makes room for Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton, who might be left off the Oscar list.  And seeing Hailee Steinfeld for "Edge of Seventeen" is thrilling. Also, "Nocturnal Animals" is not dead in the water. Don't count this movie out. Not yet. I will see it this week, and will know a little more then. Seeing Tom Ford nominated certainly kept my eyes open with that film. That being said, the Academy's directors branch is not like anyone else. And almost always surprises.

Also, "Hacksaw Ridge." I knew the moment I saw it that it was a serious contender for Best Picture and Best Director.  I think Gibson is out of movie jail. But is he out of Academy jail. Time will tell.

Animated is a little odd to me. No "The Red Turtle" and no "Finding Nemo." I have a feeling "Turtle" will get into the Oscar, but "Nemo?" We'll see.


A quick look at the Critics Choice. I only watched the last bit of the show. I hate that I missed Natalie Portman win. I would be thrilled to see her get back on the Oscar stage. I think she is a brilliant actress and do not care that she has won before if she deserves the win. (That being said, I haven't seen any of the performances that are in the running.

I did see Casey Affleck win, and I thought he was delightful in his speech. I still think it is his Oscar to lose.

Finally, I managed to watch "Julieta" (over a two day period).

"Julieta" is written/directed by Pedro Almodovar and tells the story of Julieta (via two wonderful actresses: Emma Suarez and Adriana Ugarte) a woman whose past comes rushing back to her present, leading her to abandon everything in search of her estranged daughter, examining what happened in the process.

I had read that this film played it safe for Almodovar, but was also a return to form after "I'm So Excited." I would agree with both of these statements. I have a feeling a second viewing of this will make it much more enjoyable, but it does not have the heightened reality/fierce intention that "The Skin I Live In" or "Broken Embraces" managed or the heart of "Volver." It's nice. Which is also a bit disappointing.

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