12 Days of Christmas Catch Up, day 9: The List and an Honor and Dishonor Roll preview

Yesterday I managed to watch about 20 minutes of "Hell or High Water" on my lunch break. And after coming home from a most fabulous Christmas party (valet parking, servers and even a bartender--sparkling water with lime for me, thank you!) I decided to make it an early night.  Today there simply won't be time to watch an Oscar-y movie...thinking I might watch some cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie instead and simply pay the extra 2 bucks to Redbox and start "Hell or High Water" tomorrow.

This morning I did begin work on one of my favorite annual pieces. The Honor and Dishonor Roll of 2016. How it works is: I look at the year in pop culture and pick my favorite bits to honor and then really give it to at least one dishonorable event, idea or piece of entertainment. I pretty much finished the dishonor roll portion this morning so I can now spend the next few days pondering the things that brought me joy. Look for that to publish after Christmas and before the New Year.

With only 9 days left of the year, I've tweaked "The List" a bit more. I now know that starting the 25th "Fences" will be playing in Oxford and that "Hidden Figures" will be in Memphis. (Still no idea if "Lion" will be here or not. There is still one unknown release day, December 30th. I'll actually be ib the coast in Biloxi, MS, so there is no telling what may or may not be playing there, so I'm simply going to hope for "Lion" but expect nothing.  Also..."Sully" is off the list now. And although "The Witch" is still there, it might not happen until after Christmas. We'll see.

I think my biggest disappointment as we approach the end of 2016 is not managing to see "20th Century Women." I had contacted A24 a couple of weeks ago about "American Honey" and got a nice response, was forwarded over to the person who handles Academy screeners and then silence. I sent a 2nd email and got nothing. I had hoped to ask about "20th Century Women" as well, but not going to push my luck since I haven't heard back. To be honest, with Annette's chances less certain than they were a few weeks ago, I would think they would appreciate my exposure. 

Must sees (12 Days of Christmas Catch Up)

Closet Monster
Hail Caeser
Rogue One
Toni Erdmann 
Maggie's Plan
La La Land
The Lobster
Dec 20: Nocturnal Animals
Dec. 23 Hell or High Water 
Dec. 24 Jackie and The Witch 

Post Christmas wishful thinking
Hidden Figures
American Honey
Other People


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