12 Days of Christmas Catch Up, day 7: hitting and climbing the wall

Yesterday, I hit a wall. It was one of those catch up days where I didn't have time the night before to finish the movie I was watching (in this case Yorgos Lanthimos's "The Lobster.") and had to cram it into my lunch break, and although I really enjoyed the film...my heart just wasn't in the process. I tried to will myself to write about it...but just couldn't get there.  

"The Lobster" takes place in an dystopian setting where singles must find a mate in 45 days or they are turned into an animal of their choosing. The film stars the likes of Colin Farrell, John C. Reilly and Ben Whishaw who are at a "hotel" to find love and Lea Seydoux and Rachel Weisz who are loners initially intent to remain that way. I honestly don't think any explanation fo this film can do it justice. It's one you must see for yourself.

I enjoyed it. I really did...and in terms of thinking about my Top 10 I thought that it actually, in theory, could fit in perfectly with some of ther other films I expect to land on the list, especially the quirky ones, such as "Swiss Army Man" and "Sing Street." But although I loved the world, the performances, the direction...the film never really broke the surface for me. 

Comparing it to, say, "Swiss Army Man" for example. I really began to care about the characters and their outcome. That never happened with "The Lobster." It was more of an exercise. A thesis on society and mores. A really good one. I do not believe that one has to care about the characters to love a movie. But in the case with this one, I think it would have helped. A lot. 

It's also that time of year where Oscar campaigns get dirty. Casey Affleck's, did he or didn't he sexually harrass women is the latest. And of course, it is being compared to what happened with Nate Parker earlier in the year with "Birth of a Nation," And there is the question of whether or not Gibson is or should be out of movie jail. This always happens.. And to be honest...maybe it's founded, but it is a conversation I am not interested in. 

So, last night when I got home I decided to not only skip writing, but also watching a movie all together. Instead I started reading "Casual Vacancy" by J.K. Rowling. Even that didn't feed me. I read the first chapter and went to sleep.

This morning I was feeling a bit more chipper about the whole thing...and climbed that darn wall.  I decided to check the Malco website to see the situation with movies here in Oxford on the 21st. There is no "La La Land" yet (so glad I saw it this weekend!) and no "Lion," so that is off the 12 Days list.

Tonight I'm headed to see "Nocturnal Animals," and thank goodness, because it is indeed the last night it plays in Memphis. In looking at my list/calendar I realized that tomorrow I might be able to watch something, but only after a Christmas party and Thursday...there is no way I have time to watch anything on Thursday. So, it's time to make some changes and cuts.  And the sad truth of the matter is, I will probably only have time the weekend after Christmas for 3 movies. Expecially if I want time to write/publish my annual Honor and Dishonor Roll piece as well as the Top 10! So, cuts there too. But still in a bit of denial.

That all being said this happened!

Must sees (12 Days of Christmas Catch Up)

Closet Monster
Hail Caeser
Rogue One
Toni Erdmann 
Maggie's Plan
La La Land
The Lobster
Dec 20: Nocturnal Animals
Dec 21: The Witch
Dec. 23 Hell or High Water and Sully
Dec. 24 Jackie 

Post Christmas wishful thinking
American Honey
Other People

Ain't no way!!!
Knight of Cups
The Eagle Huntress
Captain Fantastic
Miss You Already
The Red Turtle
20th Century Women
Land of Mine
Finding Dory 
X Men Apocalypse
Suicide Squad
Batman v/s Superman
The Meddler
Miles Ahead
The Hollars
Don't Think Twice


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