The Shallows v/s The Neon Demon, a summer dilemma

Funny...just a few days ago I hadn't even heard of "The Shallows."  I was frantically trying to find a screening near me of "Swiss Army Man" and saw that it was playing.  Saw the poster at least...but wasn't interested enough to find out more about it.  Then I go over to indiewire this morning and see a glowing review of it.

Review: ‘The Shallows’ Is The Best Shark Movie Since ‘Jaws’ (indiewire)

Which led me to that bad review at Hollywood Reporter.

The Shallows: Film Review (Hollywood Reporter)

Film ciriticism is so funny, isn't it?!   I went over to Rotten Tomatoes to look at "The Neon Demon" tomatometer... I only have time/money for one movie this weekend...and saw the funniest thing when I went over to the Top Critics section:

Dave Calhoun with Time Out says: "Gorgeous, obvious, vapid, beautiful, a bit boring."
And a few reviews down...
Owen Gleiberman says: "It's not boring, but there's less to it than meets the eyeball."

I'm always fascinated by this sort of thing...

 Anyway...I'm starting to think that "The Shallows" might win out over "The Neon Demon."  We shall see....


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