Gilmore Girls, global announcement

Not exactly the announcement I was hoping for.  I, for one, want the release date.  I'm hearing rumors that it's going to happen right before Thanksgiving.  We shall see.

I've already begun my binge of the show.  I'm in the middle of season 3 right now.

I didn't start watching the show until its last couple of seasons and caught up on the first 5 a bit later.  In the midst of season 2, I was struck by how wonderful the direction, writing and acting (especially between Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop) was.  And a bit flabergasted by the fact that the Television Academy ignored this. can be said that if you don't know anything about pop culture (I do not fall into this category) it could be troublesome.  And while I love Alexis Bledel's acting...I can see why others don't.

Anyway...check it out:


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