Spring is springing at Awards Wiz: an update and two trailers (Snowden and Absolutely Fabulous)

Hello dear readers...if you are amongst the faithful to Awards Wiz, you know it is a quiet time for the site.  Cannes is coming up as well as the Summer blockbuster season, but neither of these things has ever been able to really get me out of hibernation.  But this year, things might be a little different.

I am back in NYC today, only for a brief moment as I get my stuff out of storage and take it back to Mississippi.  Lots of feelings are already swirling around.  I was able to see this site's closest thing to a co-editor, Rick Hamilton, last night.  He is thriving as an up and coming film director as well as as visit with a couple of other friends of the site--Colleen Crawford (who actually wrote a lovely piece on "Frozen") as well as my former boss Kristin, who helped keep me fed and housed while I pursued other things...like Oscarwatching and acting here in the city.  I am so grateful for all three of those relationships and for this city for being the incubator for not only this website, but for the person I have become today.  The good and the bad.

Anyway...back to the "different."  I have some thoughts on what I might do this summer...and they are things I have dallied with before.  There is the short play that I have wanted to adapt into a film.  I think I might actually work on that.  And I'm also thinking of doing a Summer series on movies I should be cyber flogged over not having ever seen.  Two prime examples: "Taxi Driver" and "The Bicycle Thief."  That's enough reason right there, yes?

More on that in the weeks or months to come.  I am not ready to promise anything, but I want to be connecting to what's happening out in the film world a little earlier this year.  And this seems like a good idea.

In the meantime.  Check out these exciting trailers!!!

I REALLY want to like "Snowden."  Surely I'm not the only person out there who wants Oliver Stone to make an incredible movie, right?  And AbFab?  Yeah...that one's going to be great, no matter what.


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