27 Days of Oscar, Day 8: An FF quickie

This is going to be a quick post.  A couple of exciting things have happened in the past 24 hours.  First of all, shortly after posting yesterday, I received an email from the great folks at 42 West who are sending me a screener of "Boy and the World."  Therefore...drum roll...the only thing that will keep me from seeing all 41 features and 15 short films will be mismanaged time.

Also, I contacted the folks with "A War" and will be interviewing the director, Tobias Lindholm tomorrow as well as the director of "Embrace the Serpent" (Ciro Guerra) on Thursday.  All in the hopes of making one seriously thrilling FF piece.  I thoroughly enjoyed both films, especially "Serpent" which, so far, is my favorite of the nominees.  That being said I have not seen "Mustang" or "Theeb." 

I probably won't be posting anything for the next couple of days as I try to finish the category and begin the writing process.  So, check out the trailers for both films in the meantime!


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