Monday, February 8, 2016

27 Days of Oscar: Day 7, The Cool Kids

I had a thought come over me as the credits of "The Revenant" began to scroll.  A thought I haven't shared with anyone, as a matter of fact.  The thought was: "THAT is an Academy movie.  That is the kind of movie that wins Best Picture."  And then "The Big Short" won the PGA and I got chicken and decided not to mention it.  It was probably more quick reaction than gut instinct.

I've even been a little nervous about saying how much I loved "Spotlight," because, for some reason, it seems the "cool kids" don't think it's as good as the other kids say it is.

This weekend I made some serious progress with my Oscarwatching, and I watched "The Hateful Eight" and thought is was masterful.    I was riveted to the mystery and so impressed with Tarantino's ability, yet again, to horrify and humor me, all at once.  Compared to his last films, I felt it was made with a lighter hand.  For Tarantino that is.  "The Hateful Eight" is an equal opportunity delving into racial hatred and punishment.  I found it to be his best film since "Pulp Fiction."

But again, the coolest kids think it's misogynistic and "lesser."

Something has happened to me over the years.  In my attempt to keep things positive, fun, and about the movies, I have sometimes lost my identity when it comes to voicing my opinion.  Allowing others to speak louder...and every once in awhile, popping up to give my two cents.

Just this morning I felt the urge to immediately share my love of "Embrace the Serpent," the Columbian nominee for Best Foreign Film.  I wasn't sure where to do it.  Facebook?  Twitter?  Maybe even Instagram?  I settled for Twitter, realizing that my voice is just one of so many that probably gets lost in the shuffle.  Perhaps along with that tweet...and this quick blurb, my foreign film piece and my Top 10...should it make that top 10...someone will actually see the movie.  Someone other than Academy members and cool kids.  Because that is what this is all about for me.  The movies!  That is why I do this. And hopefully why you are reading this.

Today's lesson in honesty:

At this point in the game, "The Hateful Eight" is in my top 5.  I think "The Revenant" is going to win "Best Picture."  And it will probably take a second viewing of "Spotlight" to remember how much it blew me away because my opinion has been swayed toward the middle of the pack.   Cool kid peer pressure.  The big question is, will I make the time for a 2nd viewing?  I had similar intentions last year with "Birdman," and it never happened.  And the film landed at number 8.

Let's talk a bit about progress.

This weekend I managed to watch the following:

"Bridge of Spies"
"The Hateful Eight"
"Embrace the Serpent"

With those films I have now completed 11 categories...which is pretty good.  I feel somewhat competent enough to discuss the race now.  Especially Best Picture.  Which is the only reason I felt I could give my two cents about "The Revenenat."  I could be wrong.  Perhaps the only thing the DGA win tells us is that Miller isn't our frontrunner.  But I can't deny that gut feeling I had.

So...with that, I go back to watching movies.  I was approached by the folks handling "Embrace the Serpent" to interview the director tomorrow.  I hope that happens.  In the meantime, I am probably going to watch "Mustang."  Or maybe "Shaun the Sheep."  I have about 15 minutes to decide what mood I'm in before I lose the precious movie watching time window and go to my first dress rehearsal.

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