Monday, February 22, 2016

27 Days of Oscar: Day 21, Best Foreign Language Film and THE PLAN!

First of all, check out my Best Foreign Language Film piece over at Awards Daily:

Brian Whisenant Explores the Best Foreign Language Film nominees

NOW...It is definitely crunch time.  Yesterday I did manage to watch "Cinderella" and the remaining Live-Action Shorts as well as "The 100 Year Old Man Who Jumped out the Window and Disappeared."  Very productive day indeed.  But as I'm looking at the next days ahead, I need to plot out exactly how I'm going to manage to get everything done.

First of all, tonight I'm have my first read through of my next stage adventure, "True West."  And more than likely when I get home I'm going to want to watch the season finale of  "The X-Files."  Then, the rest of the week breaks down as follows:

Cartel Land

Fifty Shades of Grey

Doc Shorts
Publish Top Performances of the Year

The Look of Silence
Winter on Fire
Straight Outta Compton
Publish Predictions

Boy and the World
The Hunting Ground
Publish Top 10

I hope that I might have time to actually discuss my thoughts on some of the other categories before we get to Sunday, But I honestly don't think it's going to happen. If I can make this work, it will be an Oscar miracle!

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