Tuesday, February 2, 2016

27 Days of Oscar: Day 1, leaping on a moving train

The time has come to put my big boy Oscarwatching pants on and jump into the fray.

For those of you who are new to my site or might need the yearly refresher, I began this series, "27 Days of Oscar" many moons ago when I decided that to truly handicap the Academy Awards I needed to see every film that was nominated.  Every film, in its entirety, despite the category.  Why 27 days?  I took inspiration from TCM's 31 Days of Oscar.  The problem:  I only had 27 days until the show.  When the next season came along, I thought, why fix something that was only partially cracked. 

There have been years that I managed to watch every film (Last year!  The first year of the series) and years I failed miserably.  The year I lived in LA I somehow managed to miss over 10 films yet simultaneously predict my best year to this date, only missing in 2 categories.  Begging the question...do I actually need to watch the movies to predict them?  It was certainly an easier year to predict...but I think I mostly won that year on luck.
For the next 27 days I will document my countdown to obtaining the films, watching each one, and discussing most of the categories as I watch all of the nominees.

I will save a couple of categories for Awards Daily, which has been publishing my work for years now and helped make this site and this series possible.

I will also use this time to finalize my Top 10 Films of 2015 in the process. In addition to the Oscar nominated films I will try to catch up on some non-nominated movies to make sure I have covered the bases. 

There were a few years when I would kill myself to see everything before the end of the year, but it is too difficult now.  Don't get me wrong.  My little town of Oxford, MS (specifically its 2 Malco cinemas) has done a great job getting some of the Oscar nominated movies here...if only for a week.  And the "Indie Memphis" film festival gave me a great jump start, but it isn't the same as being in NYC or Los Angeles. 

Although publications such as the "Hollywood Reporter" and "Thompson on Hollywood" have delved deeply into the #oscarssowhite, I would be a lazy blogger to ignore it altogether.  I have always...or at least in recent years...tried to keep my focus on the films...and on the positive dissection of the industry at large, but there is a bigger conversation happening.  And if I find that I have something to contribute, I will go there.

I began 2016 with 29 features to see as well as 15 shorts.  Since the nominations came out, I have already made progress.  Since the noms came out I have managed to rewatch "Joy," a film I liked MUCH better the 2nd go around, as well as the following:

The Danish Girl
The Big Short
Ex Machina
The Revenant

Racing Extinction
A War
What Happened, Miss Simone
Son of Saul

Still yet to see:

Bridge of Spies
Shaun the Sheep Movie
Winter on Fire
Straight Outta Compton
45 Years
The Hateful Eight
The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed out the Window and Disappeared
The Look of SilenceTrumbo
Boy and the World
When Marnie Was There
Cartel Land
Embrace of the Serpent
The Hunting Ground

And if I have time:

Chi Raq
Diary of a Teenage Girl
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
The Final Girls
The Gift
The Age of Adeline
Dark Places

SO...20 features, 15 shorts and 27 Days.  Let the fun begin!

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