The X-Files, brief musings on the show, the new season, 2shy and 201 Days of The X-Files

When it was announced that "The X-Files" would be revived for what I consider a 10th season more than a reboot, I was very overjoyed.  For those of you who do not know, as many of you probably don't, "The X-Files" had a major impact on my life.  I had heard about it and seen the cool TVGuide print ads, but my lack of interest in aliens and the paranormal kept me from the show until it won the Golden Globe Award for Best Drama series for its incredible 2nd season.  You may not know my history with "The X-Files," but you certainly know my love for awards shows.

I started watching the show in its 3rd season with "Grotesque" and episode that, in retrospect, I didn't really like.  But it was enough.  And would become a pattern with my viewing with the show.  Even when an actual X File was uninteresting, as long as Mulder and Scully were doing their thing I was hooked.  I found an Internet group of Duchovny fans known as the Duchovniks and became a member.  I had found my people in the form of a mailing list.  (This was way before FB and Twitter.  This was really the beginning of fandom on the Internet.  I found a new friend who happened to live in Oxford and drove to meet her.  She hooked up to VCR's and recorded every episode that had shown to date.  She had even bought Scully's trench coat from the previous seasons from an auction.  I high tailed it back home to Corinth and watched the first 50 episodes very quickly and with almost no sleep.  And then I was at season 3!

Fox and "The X-Files" has a campaign for the fans, old and new to rewatch or catch up on the series. Watch all 201 episodes of the show in 201 days.  Having just moved to Oxford myself (wonder if Michaela is still here somewhere!  20 years later!) I finally have internet and can Netflix with the rest of the X Philes (if you don't know what that means, keep watching and you will become one.)

Today, the episode was 2shy.  An amazing episode indeed.  "The X-Files" was at its best when it was terrifying with a hint of the topical.  Watching Gillian Anderson navigate Scully through an officer who is sexist, having little judgment herself, even saddened when said officer is killed on duty is the number one factor for my love of the show.  Gillian Anderson's acting is superb.

I can't promise that I will continue to do this, but I am going to try to watch along with the rest of you as best I can.

Happy viewing!


  1. Hey! I was a duchovnik too! It's been a while.

    1. Awesome!! The Duchovniks were my 2nd family for a while there!


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