Happy Fourth: Celebrate with a couple of trailers. "Tom at the Farm" & "Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp"

First of all, Happy almost 4th of July.  I have the incredible joy of a 3 day weekend.  A concept I haven't really experienced since...hmmm...maybe 2005?  When I was temping at a financial firm in Manhattan.  It's been restaurants, acting gigs and emergency rooms and wonky hours since then.  Now that I'm back at the grind of the 9-5 (more like 7:30-6 or 7...but you know...) it's a whole new world.  I might even start doing the whole Friday opening night at the movies thing again.  Who knows?  It's not the easiest thing to get to a press screening or a premiere that I am still graciously invited to in Los Angeles when I am living in Mississippi.

Sigh...first world problems.

Anyway...here are a couple of trailers that I noticed today.  First is Xavier Dolan's "Tom at the Farm."  I really, REALLY wanted to hate "I Killed My Mother," even while I was watching it, I tried to hate it...but alas...I was overcome by its brilliance.  "Tom" has been finished for quite some time but got lost in the shuffle.

And then there is "Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp."  I actually didn't love the original film...perhaps it was overhyped (although I don't really believe in that concept...at least not for myself.).  But this trailer looks fantastic!!!  Probably time to rewatch the original...with an open mind.


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