Blank Sunday: catching up on television, tiny thoughts on upcoming movies (and the Oscars)

A few years ago I attempted a series call "Blank Saturdays" which were supposed to encompass my non Oscar related, stream of typing thoughts on all things pop culture.  Giving it a try once again.  This time, it will be "Blank *whatever day I want it to be*"

You may be a little surprised that I didn't do a big Oscar postmortem this year, but to be honest, it was all about the journey of watching the films.  My feelings about the show itself: there was before and after JHud.  The first part of the show was pretty boring.  And then suddenly it wasn't.  If you followed along with my predictions you know that my reign as one of the best Oscar predictors out there is over.  You are only as good as your previous year and I am 18/24.  Needless to say I am excited to move on to other things.  For now.
The first thing I have been doing post Oscars is a bit of TV Catchup.  I usually post a Top 10 Television shows of the year (and have been known to post a really fun Top 10 Scenes of the year).  I simply did not feel comfortable producing a valid top 10 when I was so behind on almost all of my shows.  
I started by finishing out "How To Get Away With Murder," the wonderful Shonda Rhimes drama starring Viola Davis as well as a slew of talented folks.  It began as a bit of a guilty pleasure, but like so many before it ("Teen Wolf" and "The Carrie Diaries" being the most recent ones I can think of) it managed to make the top of my hypothetical list.  Along with "Elementary" a show that has truly surpassed my expectations.  Dealing with both Sherlock and Kitty's (played by the wonderful Ophelia Lovibond) recovery as well as Joan's questioning the level of sacrifice to be a Sherlock like detective have made it a must see, yet again.
Next came a binge of "Scandal," which is still over the top and delightful (although I really with Olivia would truly let go of all the men in her life!) and "Brooklyn-Nine Nine," also delightful, if not a little less so than the previous season.  
I started season 3 of "House of Cards" and struggled with the very first episode, not finishing it and starting "Hannibal," a show I look forwarded to catching up on and rejoining the weekly viewing audience come June 4th.
I'm sure I will get back into "Cards" and very much look forward to the new season of "Orange is the New Black."  And catching up on season 2 of "The Fall."  I am officially a Netflix member, yet again. 
At some point I will watch new shows: "American Crime" and "Secrets and Lies."  And binge the last season of "Bates Motel."  "RuPaul's Drag Race" is also burning a hole in my DVR.  SO MUCH TV!  Which reminds me, I still want to see the rest of "Jane the Virgin."  UGH.
I recently watched British show from Charlie Brooker called "Black Mirror" that was quite fun. An anthology series with a different cast and plot each episode, although almost always dealing with unforseen and interesting consequences, often due to unique technologies.   Other British shows I have wanted to watch: "Broadchurch" and "Orphan Black" might finally make it onto my viewing list.  Perhaps.  There is only so much time before it's Oscar season all over again.  Not attending any film festivals doesn't make that final rush come the end of the year very easy.

Which brings me to the film side of things.  


Just kidding.  There is a little to look forward to right now.  I am definitely excited about "Insurgent" and "Avengers: The Age of Ultron." and of course: "Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens."  And yes, there is a new Richard Linklater film coming out.  A new Terrance Malick film. Even a new Inarritu film.  But I am not ready for all that yet.  I am more interested in the new "Absolutely Fabulous" movie.  I might have to move back to New York City for that one!  Will it even play here in Oxford, MS?  I sure hope so.  I couldn't see "The Last Five Years."  At least not yet.  I will see the film of my favorite modern musical.  Darn it.


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