Blank Monday: "Hannibal," Television catch up v/s given up, Kurt Cobain, Disney/Pixar, and "It Follows"

Remember how I said last week that I didn’t feel comfortable compiling a proper Top 10 list for last year’s television shows? Well, I certainly proved that when I finished season 2 of "Hannibal." I was a champion of the show in its first season, and hope to rewatch it from the beginning at some point, but season 2 took the show to a completely new level. It is difficult to categorize what the show is. "Silence of the Lambs," the film is certainly many people’s first entry into the world of Hannibal Lecter, but "Hannibal" is becoming the defining element for the Lecter world. This season we saw bits of "Hannibal Rising" and the precursor to "Hannibal" the film as well of the show’s original source, "Red Dragon." I can absolutely sense the approach of Clarice Starling. Can’t you? Here’s hoping MGM will give NBC the rights to the story. I have little doubt that Brian Fuller could pull of something wonderful without the rights, but isn’t that where we are headed? To the place where we eventually end up with Clarice and Hannibal, wherever they have ended up after the events of the "Hannibal" novel?

On the flip side of catch up, I wanted to touch on shows that I have given up. There comes a time with certain shows that I love when characters take on new traits or develop new relationships that I either tire of quickly or simply do not care for anymore. The strongest example of this that I can think of is "Grey’s Anatomy." I loved this show so very much in its first few seasons. But then Dr. Haan mysteriously disappeared and the show lost George and it became unwatchable to me. I did watch the very exciting hospital shootout finale from a few years past. (Terrifying considering I currently work in a hospital emergency room!) The next season's premiere: crap.

Last year I tried as hard as I could to continue my love for "Glee," although I honestly hadn’t enjoyed watching it in a long time. Not since the brilliant hour dealing with Cory Monteith/Finn’s death. Of course, I might watch the final episode that is coming up this week. For nostalgia’s sake.

A few days ago I decided that 12 episodes of "The Vampire Diaries" sitting in my DVR was a sign that I was done with that show as well.  A day after that, realizing that I had sacrificed time to "The Originals" that could have gone to the wonderful "Orphan Black," I deleted the TVD spinoff as well. There is only so much I can take of these genre shows. Unless they continue to seriously break ground like "The X-Files" (although it faltered in its final season…I liked its 8th season quite a bit, so much that it is one that I almost always go back to in my rewatching of the series) or "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" I don’t have a reason to watch anymore.

Which suddenly reminds me that I have yet to watch all of the Doctor Who Anniversary special or Matt Smith’s swan song, not to mention any of Peter Capaldi’s episodes as the newest Doctor. I’m sure I will come around eventually. After Tenant left I couldn’t watch the Matt Smith episodes. I think my problem right now is my non-like of Clara, the Doc’s current companion.

A couple of exciting or at least interesting film things happened this week:

Something I’m not sure about: "Frozen 2." I can’t recall another non-Pixar animated Disney film that had a worthy sequel, and I can’t imagine where they would go past the sister relationship other than significant other territory, and that takes us from the wonderful update on the Princess theme and into all too familiar territory land. And how will they top "Let It Go?" Will they even try? Open mind, Brian, open mind.

Speaking of Pixar, they just released the "Inside Out" trailer. It seems more "Big Hero 6" than "Up." I am a little worried to be honest. Looking more forward to "Toy Story 4."

We also got the trailer for the new Kurt Cobain documentary. Although I enjoy Nirvana’s music, I was not, by any
means one of his followers, and not from any kind of anti-heroin soap box, but the visuals from his private life with Courtney had a sickening drug-use overtone. This is a lifestyle I understand, and while uncomfortable to watch, I am sure I will be interested in the direction the film takes.

Remember, "Wild," the film that came close to becoming my favorite film of last year? There is a new podcast called "Dear Sugar" with real life Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond. It is an advice column podcast. And for now I am intrigued. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Dear Sugar Radio

Finally, I read an interesting review of "It Follows" over at Entertainment Weekly. The words "Halloween" are uttered early on, which is always a good thing, and a horror film receiving an A score is rare. And with a 95 tomatometer, I had to do a little more research on this one. Supposedly, and this hasn’t been confirmed, there is a VOD release date by Radius, the VOD/alternative branch of The Weinstein Company, for March 27th.  I immediately started searching for a screening of the film to find out that it only played this past weekend in four theaters, two of which in my old stomping grounds of NY and LA, but oddly enough not in Oxford, MS. Hopefully we will have a little more information about the future of this film shortly. If I were to guess I would think that Harvey had a plan and is sticking to it. We shall see.


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