27 Days of Oscar, Day 27: Thanks!

Well, it has been done.  I managed to watch all 60 Oscar nominated films.  I want to thank a few people who have made this incredible season (especially the past 27 days) possible.

Gus and Ruth (that would be my fantastic parents
Sasha Stone and Ryan Adams (Awards Daily)
Every artist out there who is doing their best to do what they love.  You inspire me.
Sony Pictures Classics
The Weinstein Co (Especially you Jonathan!!!!)
Every single PR co and studio that made watching these films possible.

My therapist (lol)
Tara and Missy
Mr. John Noonan
Mr. John Melton

The Lafayette County and Oxford Public Library
Starbucks in Oxford, MS
High Point Coffee in Oxford, MS
The McDonald's that is providing my wifi considering there is no coffee shop open in Grenada, MS right now.

And every single person reading this right now.  LOVE YOU ALL!

Have a fantastic Oscars!!!


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