27 Days of Oscar, Day 24: finishing up the doc shorts (hopefully) and a plan

*Update...link is up and watching doc shorts as I type!

I came to Starbucks so I could finish up the doc shorts and realized that the link had expired.  I saw one already...(The White Earth) and can watch "Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1" on HBOGO...and probably will have watched it by the time that you read this.  (Yes, multitasking!)  I emailed the lovely PR folks and told them that I still had 3 left to watch.  I'm sure it will all work itself out.  Worst case scenario I buy them on ITunes right? 

Scott Feinberg of The Hollywood Reporter, Peter Knegt at Indiewire, Peter Travers at Rolling Stone and Anne Thompson at Thomspon on Hollywood have posted their final predictions.  Maybe others have as well.  Needless to say there is absolutely no consensus.  Which is AWESOME!  I was a little nervous about predictions this year, but it looks like that one or 2 people might do well and the rest will not.  That makes me want to take even more risks with my predictions.

Ballots closed yesterday, but I really want to see as much as I can before making predictions.  SO...the plan:


"Inherent Vice"
"Last Days in Vietnam"
Finish doc shorts

"Two Days One Night"

"Beyond the Lights"

Gotta get to work.  Enjoy this quick clip.  I certainly don't have time to watch it.


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