27 Days of Oscar, Day 22: Animated Shorts and resolving the standstill

This is one of those years where I realize what a privilege it is to cover the Oscars and write about film.  The past few days I have enjoyed the process of the 27 Days of Oscar series more so than ever before.  Perhaps it is because I began it with lukewarm thoughts on the year in cinema.  But surprises like "Tangerines," "Finding Vivian Maier," "The Tale of Princess Kaguya," "Song of the Sea" and "Wild Tales" have made my top 10 a little more difficult.

And last minute catchups have been fantastic as well.  "Selma" had been unbelievable hyped for me and not only didn't disppoint, it surpassed what I had imagined.  I am more than on track to see all of the nominated films, but I wish I could make time to see "Boyhood," "Birdman" and "Wild" again before making the list.  Right now my top five is very much in flux.  

Here are the films I have left to see before publishing my top 10,

The Boxtrolls
The Last Days of Vietnam
Inherent Vice
Two Days One Night
Beyond the Lights
Documentary Shorts
Live Action Shorts (halfway through!)

The last time I blogged someone forgot that I hadn't watched "Two Days One Night" or "Last Days in Vietnam" which isn't the biggest of deals.  I just need to really get cracking the next few days.  Tonight I plan on finishing the Live Action Shorts and start the Documentary Shorts.  I plan on drinking a lot of coffee, needless to say.

I wanted to briefly touch on the Animated Short film category.  Last year I neglected to watch the shorts and one of the only two categories I missed was this one.  "Get a Horse" was the consensus prediction for the win, so I picked it.  I felt that if I had just seen the shorts that I would've gotten it right.  This year a lot of people are predicting "Feast," Disney's nominated short...and while I thoroughly enjoyed it, I honestly can't imagine it being the film to win.  The one that stuck with me the most was "The Dam Keeper," but after sitting with the films a little more I am almost sure that "The Bigger Picture" is going to be the winner.  I might, of course, change my mind before publishing my predictions.  

But we shall see.  Once I see "Two Days One Night" I can discuss the actress categories.  And if I watch either "Interstellar" or "Inherent Vice" I can analyze almost all of the rest.  Until then I am at a standstill.

How bout this for a plan.  Tomorrow I will finish out the shorts and go from there.


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