27 Days of Oscar, day 4: procrastination and a plan

Here we are at day four of "27 Days of Oscar" and I am seriously behind and preparing for some binge watching.

I began "American Sniper" the other night be only got about 30 minutes into it.  Not easy doing a job search, temping at at Legal Services and also recovering from sinus surgery.  That all being said, I have to figure out a solution.

So, tonight I plan on finishing up my Top Television of 2014 and publishing that tomorrow morning.  Then it is going to be a six movie weekend.

First things first, "American Sniper."  Then I am going to do a mini foreign film binge with "Tangerines" and "Leviathan."
On Sunday I'm going to watch "Citizenfour" and finish out the Best Picture category with both "Selma" and "Theory of Everything."  After I get through the weekend I think I will be back on track.

I was able to get all of the shorts sent to me, which is a great thing.  And the only film I seem to be having trouble with is "Glen Campbell, I'll Be Me," nominated for Best Original Song.  But you know me, I will make it happen.

This is a quickie, gotta get to work!


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