The Oscars and me, back to basics

Back to basics.

You may have noticed the new tagline for the website if you happened to catch the stagnation that was Awards Wiz over the past few months.  The reality is, things haven't quite been up to snuff since the end of last year's Oscar race.  Not one to wallow in the past, I will say that I am here and beginning my coverage. 

I am still living in Mississippi where I have been working on various things that aren't going to be addressed here.  This has always been a very personal account of my views on the Oscar race, film and television as well as thoughts on the industry and show biz and how they are both scrutinized and sometimes ignored by my follow bloggers, podcasters and journalistic peers.  But the reason for my absence to date is for me to embrace.  In a skewed retooling of Rupaul's quote. "If you can't love yourself, how the hell are you going to love anybody...or anything else."  Yeah, I added that last part, indeed. 

I began this site as a means to watch movies, more and more movies. And with this outlet and with Awards Daily, the Oscar mothership, I have been given opportunities beyond my original dreams.  Premieres, film festivals, parties.  I have met countless filmmakers and actors and wonderful journalists.  I was able to cover the Oscars on both coasts, for 4 years in NYC and for 1 in Los Angeles.  But somewhere along the way the destination became more important than journey.  I became more concerned with seeing all of the Oscar nominated films/shorts as well as correctly predicting the most wins.  Last year I did not see all the films for the first time in many years, but I did only miss two of the wins.   I remember watching the Oscars this year completely isolated and disalusioned about the whole thing.  I had already considered giving up the blog to my contributor, Rick, but he has gone back to school to pursue his filmmaking dreams. Something I used as a catylyst for my move to LA, but have yet to do much about.

Living in Mississippi, I was faced with a delimma.  What, if anything, can I contribute to this year's Oscar race. I have seen almost nothing. Not even "Boyhood." Although I do have a copy of the film, as well as many other frontrunners, which were graciously sent to me by The Weinstein Co and Sony Pictures.

I decided a few weeks ago when I changed the byline to the website that I would go back to the basics.  I remember the year "Gangs of NY" came out and seeing it the night before the nominations were announced.  It was the first year that I had seen all of the nominated Best Picture contenders before the announcement was made. When the top 5...was announced I was so excited having seen them all.  Perhaps I can do that again this year.  Perhaps not.  The point is, that year it was about the films, and my love for film.  And that is where this website will be focused on the next two months.

I am going to start with "Boyhood" and go from there.  Perhaps when the nominations are announced I will try to write something for Awards Daily. Last year I worked on a Documentary Feature piece that never came together.  But again, let'e not dwell in the past.  Nor try to predict the future. At least not yet.

I know many of my readers look forward to the Awards Wiz Awards, as do I.  Expect them in 2 parts this year.

I am going to begin working on my Top Television of the year and perhaps The Honor and Dishonor Roll. But the Top Performances as well as the Top 10 Films of the Year will have to wait until Oscars Eve.  Like in the old days back in 2008.

Back to basics, indeed!


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