The Toughest Job: WIlliam Winter's Mississippi (trailer and free ticket info)

Being a lover of NPR, I have discovered MPB the public broadcasting station in Mississippi based out of Oxford.  I heard today that there is a special screening of a new documentary by The Southern Documentary Project about William Winter.  I am highly intrigued about this chap from Grenada, MS (the closest big ish city near me in Coffeeville, MS) a democrat in a very conservative state.  The trailer is below followed by a blurb from his Wikipedia page and a link to get free tickets in Jackson, MS on October 2nd.  I plan on attending, if something more exciting doesn't come up.  (Update on that a little later.  Look for it on my instagram page: brislayer)

William Forrest Winter (born February 21, 1923 in Grenada, Mississippi) is an American politician from Mississippi. He served as the 57th Governor of Mississippi from 1980 to 1984 as a Democrat. He is known for his strong support of public education, freedom of information, racial reconciliation, and historic preservation. Winter is best remembered for the passage of the Mississippi Education Reform Act. The law was the first serious attempt at improving state education in over 20 years and established public kindergartens. The Winter administration also successfully rewrote the state public utilities law when the legislature passed the Public Utilities Reform Act.


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