Gone Girl, clip (Nick and Amy meet)

Being in Mississippi it isn't going to be very easy for me to tackle this year's Oscar race, but I am still negotiating how that will be resolved.  Negotiating...a term you will probably hear often as I continue to figure out the path Awards Wiz the site and the person is going to take in the near future.  But luckily I have access to the current "hanger on" "Boyhood" as well as the wide release in one week of David Fincher's "Gone Girl." 

Reviews and feelings of David Fincher films are generally as predictable as of late as is the work of David O'Russell.  I am actually in the camp that believe that both filmmakers have a distinctive and important voice.  Fincher is more technical, but it would be wrong to discount the performances he gets from his actors. 

Watch the clip below (that I got from Vulture...and many of you have probably already seen) and see the first time the films leads, Nick and Amy meet and you will see hints of what I can only hope will come from this would be Oscar contender.


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