So You Think You Can Dance: performance finale highlights

Last night's performance finale has to be one of the best since the show began.  And although going into the finale after crash coursing the entire season I was beginning to feel a Kyle, underdog surge, the night absolutely belonged to Ricky.  If they could pick two winners this year I would say goodbye to the girls all together.  Just watch the group performance choreographed by Travis Wall.  The girls can't even touch the boys when it comes to the emotion needed.

Other highlights include the card number by Zack and Ricky.  The Ricky/Kathryn duet.  The Zack/Jessica number and of course Ricky's solo.  As much as I enjoy Valerie, the idiocy that is Tyce Dioro ruined what could've been a beautiful number by being Tyce.

Let the dance speak for itself.  ENJOY!!!!


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