27 Days of Oscar: Day 27, the biggest thank you of all

I actually tied Dave Karger, Peter Travers, Mark Harris and Tariq Khan for the best predictions.

Last night I managed to correctly predict 22 out of 24 categories. (Although I literally posted them 10 minutes before the ceremony began.)  From what I am gathering most progs missed between 2 and 4.
 In a year hailed by many to be the most unpredictable Oscars ever, I should be incredibly proud of myself.  And sure, I did quite well, but there is a definite pall hanging over this year's Oscars.

The race began for me in the South, around April, while I was staying with my parents in Mississippi, doing what I could to see great film wherever possible.  And as it was ending this past week I was doing anything I could to squeeze a feature, a short, a party, a piece of writing, anything Oscar related between trips to the storage unit, Uhaul, back and forth from apartment to apartment from interview to interview.  It has been several years since I missed an Oscar nominated film.  And this year I missed more than I want to think about.  (I think the final number was 8/9.  Plus 13 shorts.)

About the two categories I missed.  It might have been only 1 had I seen the animated shorts.  Every time someone said that Disney's "Get a Horse" was going to win, that little voice that makes me a good predictor told me that it wouldn't.  But I had seen nothing else nominated and therefore didn't know what to do.  So, I predicted "Get a Horse."

With Original screenplay, I really thought that the Academy would want to award David O'Russell for "American Hustle" after giving it 10 nominations.  I personally think "her" had some problems when it came to tone.  It lacked, in my opinion, actual heart focusing entirely too much on mood I also believe that "American Hustle" is simply a better film with a better screenplay.  I am honestly still surprised about this win, although most people seemed to be expecting it.

I did not predict the one major surprise, as I mentioned already, but I did correctly predict the 3 that were still pretty up in the air: Editing, Supporting Actress and Documentary Feature.

In terms of the ceremony, I thought Ellen did a fantastic job, especially after the monologue.  The selfie bit and the pizza delivery moment were both absolutely ingenious.  I could feel, as they were happening what great Oscar moments they were.   I thought Pink was fantastic, I thought U2 was dull and that Idina was better when I had had lots of bubbly.

When I think of this year's Oscars I don't want to remember missing some of the films, or having to move, or looking for yet another job.  I want to remember what made the season so exciting.  Those wonderful films and performances.  Looking at that picture above of the four acting winners, I am almost brought to tears thinking about what they accomplished.  I love that both Matthew and Jared won, and that when I rewatch "Dallas Buyers Club," my favorite film of last year I can smile when they are both on screen and imagine how much fun they must have had on Oscar night after both winning.  Although I wanted Amy Adams to win, it was always Cate Blanchett's Oscar year.  We all knew it from the moment we saw "Blue Jasmine."  And there there is Lupita.  There really is no denying the power of her ability as an actress.  I wonder where here career will go from here.

Expect some time off from me, that's for sure.  I have been drained a bit deeper this year and seriously need to fill the well.  I am seeing the "Veronica Mars" movie on Thursday, but after that there will definitely be a pause on the site.

But before I go I wanted to say a few thank yous.  First of all to the amazing PR firms that were so helpful getting me screeners and inviting me to screenings and premieres.  I want to thank Awards Daily.  I want to especially thank Scott Feinberg at The Hollywood Reporter.  I want to thank my roommate, Laurel, who gave me a place to watch the Oscars last night and B Moreno for giving me a place to sleep last night.  And I want to thank Rick, for giving some of the best Oscar analysis out there.

And to the readers of the site.  You, of course, get the biggest thank you of all.  It is a strange thing sometimes,  writing a blog.  You put so much out there....sometimes wearing your heart and emotions on the sleeve. You wonder if anyone is out there.  Especially those very late nights when you are watching yet another screener looking out the window just waiting for a car or person to pass.  If anyone is actually paying attention to this wild journey you are on.  But I know you are. Without the readers, this site wouldn't have become anything more than "Brian's Blog." And I truly thank you for that.  Till next season.


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