Alice Herz Sommer, "The Lady in Number 6," dies at 110 years old

The entertainment world was saddened today by the passing of Harold Ramis, but another entertainer died today as well--Alice Herz Sommer, a well known classical pianist in the 1930s and the subject of one of the Oscar nominated shorts this year died in London today. She was 110 years old.

I'm still working on my overview of the nominated documentary shorts, but "Lady in Number 6" was by far my favorite. Ms. Sommer had a contagious smile and still played the piano every day. She and her friends are an inspiration in how to live. They spent many years together in Theresiendstadt, the Nazi concentration camp full of artists and musicians, but have maintained a steadfast positive outlook on life.

The news caught me by surprise. Just from watching the 38 minute film, I felt that I knew her.

Below is the trailer for the film, but even if you don't catch the rest of the documentary shorts, I highly recommend that you seek this one out and watch it.


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