27 Days of Oscar: Day 18 Heading into the final stretch!

Today is my favorite day of Oscar season--it's Shorts Day! I'll be attending the AMPAS screening of all 15 shorts. Sadly, this event has gotten very popular and so this year we won't be seeing them in the Academy screening room at Lighthouse International, instead it's at the School of Visual Arts where more people will be able to attend. I'm happy that more and more people are getting interested in the shorts, in fact they've been playing at local theater for at least a couple of weeks already. I briefly weighed the benefits of seeing them there earlier (so I could bring you my write up on them sooner), but decided to stick with tradition and wait. For those of you who live in NYC, however, know that they are playing at the IFC at Waverly Place. Anyone outside the city, check your local listings, they may be playing near you, too.

Meanwhile, we're entering the final stretch before the award ceremony on March 2. I had started off so strong, but still have five features to see. Still, that's not bad with a week to go. However, I had also wanted to rewatch both Captain Phillips and August: Osage County. The first because it's one of the two major nominees that I thought was okay, but didn't understand why it was being lauded as much as it was. Especially after recent editing awards and Barkhad Abdi's win at the BAFTAs, I feel I need to give it a second viewing. It's also one of the few Best Picture nominees I've only seen once. Then, I haven't seen August: Osage County since a screening in early December and my plan was always to watch again on a screener to see how different it is from the big screen. I wonder if its scope is too much for the smaller screen (which is quite possibly how many of the nominators watched it).

If all goes as planned, what you can look forward to over the next week will be coverage of the Shorts as well as my Top Performances of the year piece, which will probably replace my usual pieces on the Supporting Acting categories--we'll see how that plays out. Then, of course, my predictions.

The five films I have left to see:
Lone Survivor
Ernest & Celestine
The Invisible Woman
The Wind Rises

Until then, take another break from Oscar watching (I hope you enjoyed the earlier distraction Movie Title Breakup) to view the video below depicting kids acting out the Best Picture nominees. Written by Michael Mullen, Directed and Produced by Ethan Cushing. My particular favorites in this are The Wolf of Wall Street and Dallas Buyers Club.


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