Oscar Nominations, Brian's quick take

I won't be doing much in terms of analysis, but here are my very quick thoughts.

Sally Hawkins, Matthew McConaughey, and Michael Fassbender are all, FINALLY, Oscar nominees!

Leonardo DiCaprio is back in the Academy's graces.

VERY disappointing to see both "Blackfish" and "Stories We Tell" snubbed by the Academy.  Every year I have a dream that something is left out.  Right before I woke up I dreamed that "SWT" would not make it in.  But the idea of that was so baffling, and I was scared to make it come true that I didn't say anything.  But sadly it did come true.  2 female doc directors, shut out!

Once upon a time "Lee Daniels's The Butler" and "Inside Llewyn Davis" seemed like possible winners in my mind.  "The Butler" got zero nominations and "ILD" scored only 2 nominations.

"Blue Jasmine" must have been the 10th slot.  With Sally Hawkins's nod, I though for sure that Allen was next and then pic.  But alas, no.

Never discount the Streep.  We all began to realize that Amy Adams was in.  Many thought it would be to the expense of Streep.  Foolish, foolish bloggers.

I am so happy to see that David O'Russell, for the 2nd year in a row managed to get 4 acting nominations for his actors.  He is a master when it comes to actors and wonderful performances.  Why some people are so apprehensive to see and/or admit this absolutely baffles me.

I am a little sad that one of the best films of the year, "Blue is the Warmest Color," the Cannes darling was ignored by the Academy.  That being said: I did tear up with "Before Midnight" was nominated for Screenplay.


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