On the third day of Christmas Catch Up

Yesterday I caught both the Chilean entry for Best Foreign Film, "Gloria" and "Pacific Rim."

Seriously, how was "Pacific Rim" not the biggest hit?!  Granted, with its worldwide gross it doubled its budget.  But domestically it only grossed 100 million dollars.  It definitely has some silly moments, but there is a great deal of heart there, and visually, I think it is unparalleled this year, well...with the exception of "Gravity," perhaps.  Here's hoping it survives the trip from the short list of 10 to the nominated 5.

Speaking of "Gravity" I've been thinking a great deal the past few days that I really need to revisit.  I have softened quite a bit on "Gravity" having seen it several months ago.  I also really need to see "American Hustle" again...as well as "Bling Ring."  I think I should be able to squeeze these in the last few days of the year after I finish my Christmas Catch Up.

I'm pretty sure that "Gloria" will appear somewhere in my Awards Wiz Awards, but I do want to mention how much I was moved by the performance of Paulina Garcia.  The film tells the story of, you guessed it, Gloria, who has been divorced from her husband for 10 years...and has been (recently or for 10 years...we are not sure) been out on the town, meeting new people and exploring the idea of a new man in her life.  Early on she meets Rodolfo, but as often happens, this man very well be as bad for her as her husband was...but love is love, and sex (which the film does not shy away from showing) is good.  Yes, Paulina is older that most women we see in sex scenes...and yes...we see every bit of her...but that isn't what makes this such a brave performance.  It is her electricity (which reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence in "American Hustle" but with more grounding in reality.

I'm hoping I might be able to do a Best Actress "FYC" piece soon and interview Paulina as well as Brie Larson.  Already have an interview with Julie Delpy.

OK...so before I head to work I am going to watch "The Act of Killing."  Check out the trailer below.

And the Catch Up list to see my progress.  (Reached out to Fox Searchlight to see if they could get me a screener of "Enough Said."  So that might happen as well.  And I've added "Tim's Vermeer."
The Act of Killing
Blue is the Warmest Color
20 Feet From Stardom
The Armstrong Lie
Ernest and Celestine
A Letter to Momo
Crystal Fairy
Upstream Color
Go For Sisters
Only God Forgives
Spectacular Now
Spring Breakers
Place Beyond the Pines
Tim's Vermeer
Enough Said
Pacific Rim
American Hustle
Short Term 12
Saving Mr Banks
The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
Captain Phillips
The Wolf of Wall Street
Dallas Buyers Club


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