Awards Wiz Awards, a preview & Christmas Catch Up post mortem

I can't quite believe that it is already December 27th.  Or that Christmas is over.  Which also means that the Christmas Catch Up is over as well.  Final verdict:  Well, I did a very good job in the beginning of the catch up, but in the end I wasn't able to see all of the films I had hoped to see.  Which brings me to the Awards Wiz Awards which will begin today!

The schedule of the awards will be similar if not the same as last year.  The Top Performances will post on the 30th and The Top 10 Films will post on the 31st.  This will give me a bit of time to watch and/or rewatch a few things.  The musts:  "Gravity," Blue is the Warmest Color" and "Her."  After rewatching "Gravity" and finally catching the other two I will feel comfortable with those lists.  After the new year and possibly the Oscars I'm thinking about doing a Top 10 (make up) Films and Performances.  It still smarts that I wasn't able to honor "A Prophet" and "A Separation."  I'm sure that there are many more.

SO...the schedule for the Awards Wiz Awards:

Friday: The Top 10 Television of 2013
Saturday: The Honor and Dishonor Roll of 2013
Sunday: The Best Scenes of 2013
Monday: The Top Performances of 2013
Tuesday: The Top 10 Films of 2013

There you have it!  Can't believe it is the end of the year!!!!!!


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