a quick reflection on 2013

A year ago on New Year's Eve I was in Tupelo, Mississippi with one of my oldest friends, Tara...having just met one of my newest friends Carra...furiously finishing my Top 10 Films of 2012.  I had just finished a wonderful swan song of "A Christmas Carol" tour and was preparing to leave New York City after 12 years.  I had been toying with moving to Los Angeles pretty much since my senior year of high school, and almost made the move back in 2008.  Not necessary to rehash the reasons I didn't move...although I will say that I experienced the most important 3 year life lesson, one which I would need to survive in order to withstand the City of Angels and more importantly, Hollywood.  And survive, I did.

In January, I went back to NYC to say goodbye to friends (some for the last time), experience one last east coast Oscar season and break up with my longest life partner....the city that never sleeps.  

In April I loaded my car and drove down to Mississippi to spend 3 months with my family and many dear friends.  After a summer on the back roads I finally drove to Los Angeles on a 3 day adventure I will never, ever forget.  

I have already experienced so much here in just a few months.  Premieres, a new job, a fantastic acting gig, found (and lost) acquaintances...the rediscovery of life long friends...and the joy of swimming pools!  In a mere five and a half months I won't say that I'm completely at home...but I will say that I'm living in the present as my authentic self.  (Sound California enough for you?)

Before I finalize my Top 10 Films of the year I wanted to thank everyone who has made my year incredible.

Sasha and Ryan...do I seriously need to say it again?   Thanks for sharing my work!  Your years long support means so much to me!

Craig Kennedy, Michelle McCue and Anthony Breznican...always, always supportive (although I'm still looking waiting for that Bourbon date, Craig!)

Marshall...thanks for making Halloween so fun!!!!

Colleen...for encouraging me every step of the way.  

My dear friend Brett, who I miss every day.  

Rick...who helps keep Awards Wiz, my passion for film, and me in general alive!

Tara, Carra, Scott, Daxden, Jonathan and Ben...who made my time in Mississippi unforgettable.

My family...words are truly not enough.  

Kaci...for giving me a place to stay and a sense of grounding on my journey to LA.

Lauren, who gave me a place to stay before I found a place to live.

Pono Burger for giving me the means to survive here.

Will...for showing me that us Mississippi boys can truly achieve our dreams!

Laurel...for being an unbelievably supportive roommate and more important...friend.

Frances and Rosie...for making the time to actually get together in a city where that seems to be almost impossible.

Daniel Radcliffe, Dane DeHaan, John Krokidas and Austin Bunn for helping me realize that stars, actors, directors, filmmakers... are just people.  Talented and open.

Colby Katz and Brandon Buczek for giving me my first acting gig in LA.  

And YOU.  Every single person who is reading this right now.  Thank you so much.  And here is to an amazing 2014.  I will strive to stay positive, live in the moment, and surround myself with people who do the same.  Doing that I know that come next year there will be great things to discuss...yet again.

OH...and Ellen says thank you too.  


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