Monday, February 21, 2011

27 Days of Oscar, Day 21: the "noisy" season, Tron, Alice, my final push, predictions

6 days, people.  It is almost here.  Less than a week.  This has arguably been the most stressful and, to take the quote from Oscar Talk, noisy season to date.  I think the noise is mostly because many "The Social Network" supporters (me included!), people, who might love or like "The King's Speech" just don't consider anywhere near the top of the year.  Therefore = noise.

Noise makes me think that there are too many of us talking about the Oscars...too many opinions.  I cherish the conversations I have with Sasha Stone, Kris Tapley, Guy Lodge, Anne Thompson and Peter Knegt.  But I also love conversations with all my tweeps on Twitter.  All of them.   In another year, perhaps the rhetoric might be a little less negative.  And we could use another word.  I also find it interesting that this bit of negative talk led us back to discussing other years, such as 2005.  Will we always bring up Crash/Brokeback? Of course.  We still discuss Raging Bull/Ordinary People.  Will there ever be a time when we don't talk so nastily about "Crash?" Perhaps.  You don't see pieces ripping "How Green Was My Valley." But then again, in June I might be just bored enough to take a look at it.

Yesterday, after buying tickets to see all 15 nominated shorts, I wasn't able to go.  I am going to see the 10 live action/animated noms tomorrow but won't be able to see the Doc shorts until the 27th at the NYC Paley Center's DocuDays event.  They usually intersperse the shorts with the features.  This year they are doing the features on Saturday and the shorts on Sunday.  Which makes me happy since I am SO behind and need Saturday to prepare for my party and see more films.

This weekend I saw "Tron: Legacy," which I really enjoyed.  Especially the score.  Wow, did that deserve a nomination.  And the Sound Editing (for which it is nominated) truly is great.  Guessing that "Inception" is going to win that one.  Seeing "Unstoppable" tonight, so after that I can say for certain, but for the time being I'm going with a Tron "should win."

This morning I finally watched "Alice in Wonderland."  Another film I liked more than I expected.  I thought the very first scene was a bit of a mess.  But once Alice went down the rabbit hole, things picked up. And once Helena Bonham Carter showed up (Is there a movie she wasn't in this year.  Seriously, she is in 4 films nominated for Oscars), things started to work.  It seems to me that most people who don't like the movie mostly don't like the choice to tell a continuing story with an older Alice. Can't please everyone can you.  People hate remakes.  People hate new visions.  Oh well.  But, in terms of its nominations.  I just don't think the costume designs deserve the win.  Sure, the clothes are incredibly constructed.  Yes, they are beautiful.  But what about this is great design?  I am thinking of changing my vote to "The King's Speech" which I will probably rewatch tomorrow night when I get home from seeing the shorts.  I had hoped to squeeze in 4 films today, but it looks like it will have to be 3.  That will leave 8 films, not including the shorts.  Not going to be the easiest task, but I love a challenge.

So, will end today's post with a really fun new Oscar promo I got from Awards Daily.  OH...look for my predictions on Awards Daily's Big Predictions Chart tomorrow.  I want to see the shorts before making my decision.  (Other than last year) I am really good at predicting those. (Famous last words, I know!)


  1. When you watch "The King's Speech," please do it with an open mind and not as a I'm-going-to-count-all-the-reasons-I-don't-think-this-movie-should-win attitude!

    You probably got a benefit of seeing "Alice" on the small screen after hearing so much bad word of mouth. For those of us who saw it opening weekend, in 3D no less--perhaps our hopes were too high. I didn't hate it. I mostly thought it was boring. I didn't mind the Alice returning concept--it's actually not the first time that's been approached. But an Alice who doesn't remember her first trip? What's the point in that? And if it's really called Underland, then why is the movie called "Alice in Wonderland?" The main charm of the Alice books is the discovery of new and inventive things. And the linguistic puzzles. There's yet to be a film version that encompasses both. But I'll go see every one in the hope of finding it!

  2. Oh, and I laughed when I saw Helena Bonham Carter's name on the "Gruffalo" credits at the shorts. It reminded me of the year John C. Reilly was in 3 of the 5 Best Picture nominees. Do you know who holds the record for being in the most nominated films in one year? (That's an actual question, I can't seem to phrase it in such a way that it sounds like I have the answer...)

  3. I don't. But we can look in my 80 Years of Oscar book tonight. I think it has that sort of stuff in there somewhere.


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